Reach Campaign Update

We are excited for how God has worked in the past here in Sutherlin Oregon, and we are reaching for what God has for the future.

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever!
— Ephesians 3:20-21

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From Pastor Ed

The story of God demonstrated through Family Church has been an incredible story of faith. In 2006, just a few years after completing the Auditorium and ministry facilities at the Sutherlin Campus, we were faced with a dilemma. The Chapel of the Firs Mortuary (which provided a large percent of our parking) was up for sale. We couldn’t afford to lose the parking, so we purchased the property for $650,000 which seemed insurmountable to our congregation of 400. Under God’s leadership, we took steps of faith and launched a “Making Room” financial campaign. In March of 2007 we raised $700,000 in financial  commitments to be paid out over the next three years. One year later, the economy crashed, people lost jobs and finances tightened for everyone. But God and his people were faithful as we completed the campaign on time. April 2010, we celebrated the financial miracle of God’s provision and the church grew from of 460 to almost 700 in average weekly attendance.

We learned many valuable lessons in this faith journey. The most important lesson; God has a  God-sized mission for His church and He wants to demonstrate His power to a lost world through His church. Following God’s mission leads us into the impossible, faith is required and God is able to accomplish His mission.
In 2011 we took another faith step. Following God’s mission led us to prepare to launch a campus in Roseburg. After much prayer and preperation we were finally ready to open the new campus on Easter of 2013. God directed us to a location in the Green District where today our Green Campus has an average weekend attendance of about 300.

Today, God’s mission is calling again and we are making plans to open new campuses and raise money to make necessary improvements to the Sutherlin and Green campuses. Again, what may seem impossible is not only possible with God but is the next faith step in following God’s mission.

Experiencing South Umpqua

Here are some of the highlights from a weekend at the new South Umpqua Campus!

Everything we do at Family Church is to bring people the opportunity to   know and grow in Christ and equip them to help others do the same. This is the great commission that Christ gave us to go out and make disciples who make disciples. A disciple is one who is following Jesus, being changed by Jesus, and on mission with Jesus.  

Being a disciple is not a destination but a process. The spiritual journey is on ongoing process that we move through as we  are challenged by each other and events of life. To help understand this process we have tried to define the steps in this journey in a tool we call the Spiritual pathway. We use this to help understand where we and those in our life are in this process and be aware of how we can continue to grow.

Where the mission to make disciples is our goal and the spiritual pathway is a tool we use to understand the growth process, it is through intentional relationships that offer encouragement and support to each other in following Christ where this growth is spurred on.

God has created people for relationships and the best place to grow in your relationships with God and others is in a life group.  A life group is a community of believers who meet regularly in homes to intentionally pursue a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. It’s a place where close friendships are developed and where we discover that our needs and problems are not so unique. In this caring community, we grow in our spiritual journey as we apply the truths of God’s Word to our lives. Life Groups are a central way Family Church develops disciples.

Reaching People. Changing Lives

Lost people matter to God and we believe the most effective way to reach the unchurched is by opening new campuses. We have found that many unchurched people who do not have a relationship with Jesus are walking into our campuses, looking for answers. Opening campuses closer to unchurched people is effective at reaching the lost. 

God’s mission leads to multiplication. Every Christ Follower is on a spiritual journey from seeker to steward being transformed to be more and more like Jesus.  Spiritual maturity leads to spiritual parenting, helping others move from darkness into light and become mature followers of Christ. Our best strategy for maturing spiritually is in a Life Group. Ministry Teams birth other ministry teams. Life Groups branch other Life Groups and ultimately, the church multiplies as it opens new campuses.

We believe Family Church has the been given a God-sized mission to do all we can to reach Douglas County to become worshipers of God. A county with almost 108,000 people with communities as far north as Drain to Glendale in the south, from the west, Reedsport to Diamond Lake in the east. Research shows that 80% of churches in America are declining or plateaued, we desire to encourage churches and open campuses in key areas to reach people and to participate with God in changing lives. 

Family Church is also joining God in His mission to the world.  As we sent teams to Mexico, Cambodia and other places around the world. We seek to identify unreached people groups, who have yet to have scriptures in their languages or a community of believers.

De-Churched and Lost People

  • Reach those who have walked away from the church
  • Welcome people back into an authentic faith community
  • Demonstrate the local church is the hope of the world
  • Spiritually engage those in the community who are seeking faith
  • Provide scripturally sound, culturally relevant ministry

Families Raising Kids

  • 51% of the Douglas County community is married*
  • 23% of  the households in Douglas County are raising children*
  • 64% of Christians respond to the Gospel before the age of 18
  • Reach couples for Christ before crisis strikes
  • Help families raise kids to know and love God

Empty Nesters

  • 25.5% of our community is age 62 or older*
  • Want to make an impact with their time, wisdom, and resources
  • Need a significant purpose worth investing their time and energy
  • Desire purpose in Christ, a church family, and to build His kingdom
  • Can be mentors to the future leaders of the church and society

Those in need of Restoration & Recovery

  • Douglas County has one of the highest rates of addiction per capita in the country
  • In the last 4 years the number of children entering the foster system has increased by 398% - drug abuse being a main factor to this
  • Faith involvement has proven to be a key factor in addiction recovery
  • With access to the truth of the Gospel and support, recovery and restoration is possible for all

*Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 2010 Census.