Next Steps

This God-sized mission of reaching Douglas County for Jesus Christ is far beyond the ability of any one person. Implementing the REACH initiative, requires that God and His people share in providing the needed financial resources.  The three-year need of $2.1 million for the REACH initiative will require sacrifice from each one of us. This is a challenge for you to be prayerfully and financially involved in the REACH vision and journey.

REACH is more than buildings or statistics. It is about building lives and the stories behind each number counted in the journey. A building and the funds to support this mission are simply the necessary tools to reach more people for Christ.  It’s about cultivating the best possible environment with the least barriers for people to know Christ and grow in Him. This is the heart of our church; to reach people and nurture transformed lives in Christ. As lives are changed we believe we will see the fruit of growth in the following three ways: disciples making disciples, healthy families, and developed leaders. The sum of these fuel the mission of Christ to go further and farther through Family Church.

The decisions we make today to build the growing framework for what God is doing in Douglas County will affect generations to come in our area and around the world. As believers and families not only thrive here but go out to where God leads them, the impact will be beyond what we can imagine. We hope to become a place of replication and foundational training for followers of Christ in an exponential way. New locations and added spaces help make this possible.

We invite you to join us on the ground floor of the expanded mission of Family Church. You have the opportunity to make a three-year faith commitment over and above your regular tithes and offerings, on Commitment Weekend, November 11-12, 2017. Commitment Cards will be provided prior to this weekend. This will be a spiritual journey we take as a church family, and God is going to stretch us and show Himself faithful for the glory of his name.

Pray for your neighbors and those in Douglas County who have not yet surrendered their lives to Jesus
Pray for the church leaders and future leaders
Pray for the nations so that the whole world could hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ
Pray about your financial and personal investment in REACH

We are confident that as we REACH further and farther, God’s name will be glorified and lives will be changed.