South Umpqua

Many people in the Myrtle Creek/Tri City and beyond are driving to Roseburg every week to attend church. Although some people will drive thirty minutes to attend church, many will not, especially the unchurched. Right now, we are making plans to bring the church closer to those traveling from the South Umpqua are believing God will create a new gathering of Christ followers in that community.  In the REACH CAMPAIGN, our goal is to raise $500,000 for staff salaries and monthly operation costs for the first two years. It is our prayer that this new campus would be self-supporting within twenty-four months. 

What it will take to Reach South Umpqua:

  • CAMPUS PASTOR | In January, we hope to have the South Umpqua Family Church pastor hired and on the ground, building relationships and form teams who will launch the new campus.
  • MULTISITE CAMPUS | Finding the right locations will be imperative. We are praying for a location on Hwy 99 between Myrtle Creek and Tri City that we can lease to hold services. 
  • A TEAM TO GO |  We are looking for 75 people who will commit to serve for at least one year beginning opening day which is scheduled for October 2018.

Cost to launch the South Umpqua Campus: 500,000

Sutherlin Campus Remodel:

It’s time to address some important needs at the Sutherlin Campus. We are excited to solve this problem in the coming months.

Kids Ministry Space | Currently the Kids Ministry is spread out in several locations, some of these being outdated and deteriorating. In the remodeled building these areas will be combined into one safe and efficient space. This will provide for better ministry to both children and young families.  We have a very high value for young families and feel it is vital to have a safe and welcoming space for children of all ages.

Upstairs Venue and Elevator | We currently have an important and highly used upstairs multipurpose area that has limited access due to stair only access. This area will be expanded and improved to include a fully equipped multi use venue and an elevator to make it accessible and ADA compliant.

Youth Space | The Video Café will be enlarged and new student ministry space will be included in the improvements. Presently, the Middle School and High School meet in the auditorium because they have outgrown the Event Center.  A new student ministry area will give the students a place to meet. New audio/video equipment will replace the existing equipment.

South Entrance | The south entrance has never been completed. Plans have been in the works for years to someday make an attractive entrance for the south parking area. The number of people who enter the building from that area is high. This entrance will be fully completed providing an ideal and welcoming entrance for all.  At least 30% who attend the weekend service enter the building from the south parking, and seldom do they visit the lobby unless they are getting coffee.

Parking | There is a gravel area near the south entrance that is being used for parking. We have identified that as “future use” rather than a parking lot. This area will need to be paved in order to be designated as a parking lot. This will provide additional spaces we already need and bring is into compliance with the future use of the facility.

The Breakdown: Sutherlin Campus Remodel

  • Adding 4000 sq./ft. (2000 downstairs & 2000 upstairs) to the east & an Elevator -$770,019
  • Outside Improvements including Children’s Play Area -$100,000
  • Elevator - $90,000
  • Parking lot Improvements -$214,363
  • Demolition Costs for Surf Shop -$51,000   
  • Contingency, Insurance & Fees -$374,618

Total Cost Of Building Improvements 1,600,000.00

*Floor plan are proposed, not finalized



THE OVERVIEW: Reach Phase 1
The total Reach Campaign is $2,100,000, to be raised over 3 years. This may seem insurmountable, but we know God is able to do immeasurably more than we could ask or think. This is a God-sized campaign and we are excited to see what God is going to do.

Consider this, there are over 1400 adults who are regular attenders and members. If 1000 people committed $58 each month for three years that would total 2.1 million and we would achieve our goal.

Some will give more and some will give less, but in the end God will achieve His purposes. We are grateful for the opportunity to join Him in this mission of redeeming lives. We know that He will strengthen and grow our family of believers through the process.

  • South Umpqua Campus Launch -$500,000
  • Sutherlin Campus Remodel-$1,600,000 

Total Cost of Reach Campaign Phase 1: $2,100,000

Presently, we are leasing the property at the Green Campus. We have attempted to purchase the property and the property next to the campus but have been unsuccessful. We are reviewing options for the long-term future of this campus. We look to have a comprehensive plan in place and be ready to move forward at the completion of the REACH CAMPAIGN PHASE 1.

We are presently praying about opening several new campuses in the next five years. Places in Douglas County that we are currently considering are the Drain/Yoncalla area and Reedsport. A growing number of people are attending Family Church from the north and we are considering different strategies for rural areas. Reedsport would also need a different launch strategy as it is too far from one of our existing campuses to build a critical mass. We are unsure of the timeline for these campuses but we are praying for God’s wisdom and leading.

We will be ready to go where God leads in the future. We believe that God desires to use Family Church to make disciples in every corner of Douglas County and the world.

We are presently praying about opening campuses in the next five years in other communities in Douglas County. We are unsure of the timeline for these campuses as they may fall in with the other phases of expansion. Whatever the steps that need to be taken, we are committed to faithfully following where God leads and reaching as many people as possible for Christ.

We are also praying about reaching the un-reached people groups of the world. Currently more than 3000 ethno-linguistic people groups have not heard the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is our prayer that God would open new doors for Family Church to expand our global impact. Whatever the steps that need to be taken, we are committed to faithfully following where God leads and reaching as many un-reached people groups as possible for Christ.